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Over-The-Counter Program.

MPA offers customized website platforms, fulfillment services, and administrative support to health insurance companies that provide over-the-counter benefits to their member. 

These benefits enable members to purchase products such as vitamins, first aid supplies, cold and flu medication, and other daily preventative care items without any additional cost to them. By providing these products, members can manage minor health issues and potentially save money. Moreover, this benefit encourages members to maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering essential daily care products.

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OTC Benefits

What does the program offer?

OTC benefits can include a wide range of products such as vitamins, first aid supplies, pain relievers, and even durable medical equipment such as glucose and blood pressure monitors. It can provide value to its members, insurance companies, and managed care organizations.

Increased access to medication

OTC products such as pain relievers, allergy medications, and digestive add provide several benefits for essential health and well being. The products can help alleviate common health issues and improve the quality of life

Help address SDOH via OTC

SDOH refer to the economic, social, and environmental factors that impact a person's health and wellbeing. OTC benefits can be tailored to address specific SDOH, such as providing products to improve living conditions for homebound or elderly people, or offering durable medical equipment to help with mobility or pain relief.

Help insurance companies save money

OTC products are often less expensive than prescription medications, so beneficiaries may be able to use their OTC benefit allowance to purchase several products for the same cost as a single prescription. This can reduce out-of-pocket expenses for beneficiaries and lower overall healthcare costs for the insurance companies.

Cost-effective solution for managed care organization (MCOs)

These benefits allow plan members to purchase certain healthcare products and supplies without a prescription or copay, improving their access to affordable care and potentially reducing healthcare costs. It can also lead to increased member satisfaction and retention and attract new customers.

Help Manage Chronic Conditions

By providing access to preventative care products, such as vitamins and home diagnostic tools, members may be able to manage their health more effectively and avoid costly trips to the doctor or emergency room. OTC benefits can help manage chronic conditions by providing supplies and medications to help members manage their symptoms, potentially reducing the need for more expensive treatments and hospitalizations.

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Change Your Life

Customer Experience

MPA offers a user-friendly online ordering platform that allows members to easily search for and order products, with a wide variety of products to choose from. The platform also provides real-time eligibility verification, which helps prevent fraud and abuse. By offering an OTC benefit program, MPA is providing a valuable service to its clients, improving acess to essential health and wellness products while also reducing healthcare costs.

1) Receive Benefits

Members receives their OTC benefit information from their plan

2) Choose OTC

Members have the option to pick and choose over 50+ medications, vitamins, hygiene products all on our portal

3) Place OTC Order

Members can navigate our easy-to-use portal to place orders within 2 minutes.

4) 2-day Shipping

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Features & Benefits

increased access

Increased access to 50+ medications, vitamins, and dental hygiene compared to expensive prescription medications

Cost Savings for Insaurance company

Purchase 7+ OTC medications for the same cost of a single prescription medicine.

Prevent Major Health problems

OTC programs encourage the use of preventive care products, preventing major health problems.

Competitive advantage for MCOs

Increased member satisfaction and retention by allowing affordable care for their customers.

Saving cost through OTC Program

By The Numbers

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The Problem.

Why do people not utilize OTC benefits?

Lack Of Awareness

MPA provides easy-to-use, convenient solutions to utilize OTC medications.

Lack of trust

Some people may not trust OTC medications, but MPA makes it really easy to enroll and use the benefits.


OTC medication is cheap. You can buy 7 OTCs for 1 prescription medication and help prevent major health problems that may end up costing a lot more

Insurance coverage

We make it really easy to know if your Insurance qualifies.