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DME Program

MPA, a Durable-Medical-Equipment provider, specializes in incontinence programs and safety beds for children. The Incontinence Program delivers discreetly to manage bladder or bowel control issues, potentially covered by insurance plans. Safety Beds by Cubby Beds offer secure sleep for children with disabilities, promoting safety and comfort with features like built-in rails.

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What is DME?

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Over 25 million people experience bladder and bowel incontinence. Are you dealing with issues like occasional leakage, frequent dribbling, gushes of urine, or loose bowel movements? This can lead to embarrassment and social withdrawal. Regardless of your experience, we have the right product to help manage incontinence, allowing you to live life to the fullest. If your insurance covers these supplies, they might be available at little to no cost. We collaborate with many Medicaid and Managed Medicaid plans providing potential insurance coverage.

Midwest Pharmacy Associates’ Incontinence Program offers a range of supplies for bladder or bowel control problems, including adult diapers, pads, pull-on underwear, briefs, under pads, and related products. The program prioritizes dignity, comfort, and privacy in managing incontinence. Discreet delivery directly to your home or preferred location ensures convenience. Covered by insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, the program ensures a seamless experience through collaboration with healthcare providers and payers for individuals in need of incontinence supplies.

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